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Online businesses serves a large proportion of coverage where by people from different areas are easily accessed unlike traditional businesses that serves a specific area.
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Yes, it reaches to wide customers if you generate traffic on your web store. Where ever you hosted or promoted it will approach to good traffic.
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In this era of digital transformation all businesses should go digital because digital means are cheap convenient not tiresome and very user friendly.
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Online businesses are far better tha ordinary businesses.

Thes days many people have engaged themselves in online businesses unlike in the past. Many youths have made alot of investments online. This because with online business you don't need transport to monitor your business. What is needed is just data.
Online business doesn't need transport unlike these local business which involves transport fares everyday.
Online business doesn't need rent. Everything is done on your phone which just need to charge your battery.
Workers are not neede in online businesses. You just work alone on your smart phone.
With online business all profits are taken by the investor unlike the ordinary businesses where by profits are shared by the investor and workers.
Ordinary businesses are always disturbed by weather like, early morning rainfall, too much sunshine, cloud cover, wind and other agents of weather unlike online whereby all those are not an obstacle.

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