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Get a vision or a ideology how you want to reform your country as a kingdom. And what you wanna do with it.
Gain support with secret/illegal rallies across, spreading propaganda via forums and social media.
Tell in your rallies/forum of what you intend to do when you are king and transformed your country into a kingdom.
After you have gathered enough supports from inside and outside you can plan with others the upcoming-coup agains the state. A few key people from the government and the high-military command is already enough to gain some support from the inside.
Commit a coup against the state and disban the government and its organizations and announce on live television that the current government has been disbanded after the coup. In meantime you capture the key people of the government and put them in custody. You start with the chief Military high-command and other important departments of the government.

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Who becomes a King ? Who becomes a King ?

A King is said as Super human of his/her people. A king is a person who serves his/her people providing opportunities, education and many more factors that are inculcated by himself. A King is said to be victorious over his/her sense organs.

How do you vote?

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A king is not super human because he has the same characteristics as other humans but what makes him different is how he's natured to lead people of different personalities and in most cases, a king is chosen from the Royal family of a particular regions or a country.
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