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Dialogue allows for the identification and solution to a problem by “thinking together.” Thinking together is the result of the dialogic process. As stated, it starts with the suspension of our underlying assumptions followed by deep inquiry into the assumptions of all the participants. Dialogue allows for the true exploration of the problem. Thinking together arrives as part of what Isaacs calls the generative dialogue. This is the phase of the dialogic process when the participants together reach new insights, co-create, and ultimately solve the problem with a much greater depth than the defensive form of conversation.As supported by science and personal experience, the speed of change in the world has accelerated greatly. Scholars submit that dialogue can speed up the process of change within an organization. This argument is twofold. First, resistance to change is driven by inadequate interactions with experienced people.
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Problem solving does it need alot force or needs dialogue?

In our sociaties today, many people wants to use alot of power and force to solve problems. The culture of dialogue is soon dying away. People nolong want to settle certain issues by word, they always want to use force. Those days, community elders could sit under tree shades and solve problems affecting their communities but today even ministers fail to solve even small isues like land grabbing. People prefer using excessive force than dialogue yet that force may lead to loss of innocent lives. You always hear over radios and watch over Tv stations that so and so has fought with another one because 2 feets of land. One can even kill another because of 2 of a girlfriend. Such small issues could be solved by community elders but they are nolonger respected. The question is what went wrong? What should be done to restore our friendly relationship that existed in the past? Why is dialogue dying away?.

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Both tactics are used to solve problems because there are problems that can't be solved with a mere dialogue though it should be given the first priority but were it fails, force has to be applied. Life revolves with two principles peace and force, where one fails to work, another one has to be used.
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