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Women are the managers of homes because they're the one's that knows home operation activities but husbands enables them to do so through provision of financial assistance.
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Women are more patient and composed while making decisions. It’s because of the way women are raised.
Be at homes or offices, women manage their work flawlessly. Hence they are good at multitasking.
Women are more flexible and can adapt to any situation or adversity. It’s because they are taught from childhood to adjust to the situations.
They are good time managers. As most of the women today manage work and home, they can prioritize their time well.
Due to the way they are raised in general, women are better listeners and give importance to minute details too at work.
In general, they’ve coherent minds, are punctual and are dedicated to their work. These inbuilt qualities do make them better managers than men.
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Who is the better manager of home, husband or wife?

Home management is the process of taking good care of the house and to put things orderly in home and overseeing necessary household activities As we all know, women stay more often in the house than men. They oversee and take care and always in charge of home affairs and ensuring that, everything is getting done and other General maintenance of the home and family is taken care of. They are better people to do all the daily chores with the little help from the husband and that make them better home managers than their husbands.

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Women are good managers better than men.
But this applies mostly in Europe but African women it's not applicable
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A wife is the manager of the home because she literally knows everything concerning the home including the kids, kitchen, bedroom, he husband. She knows everything and every corner of the house.
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