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I believe their are still virgins especially in some remote areas in Africa, Asia and Arab countries who's cultural heritage and practices has not been influenced by European and westernized way of life.
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It depends on where you're because there are some countries where by a woman can't be married when she's not virgin such as Pakistan, India etc but in African countries where by children engages into sexual activities when still young, it's very hard to find a virgin woman before marriage.
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Are there still pure virgins in this world?

In the olden days and years, young girls and boys were keeping themselves from sex till they get married . Young youth were going through a lot of purification and ordinances before they marry. But happens today, before a young girl or boy marries, he/she might have had several sex partners. Even in our churches, the youth the church has trained, can we get 5% or 10% who we can say, are pure virgins?

How do you vote?

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Most people assume others are having more sex and are more sexually experienced than they are, which is usually not the case. Young men in particular tend to assume that everyone else has had sex but them. They feel ashamed and wonder how they can possibly tell a future partner that they are a virgin. Once they finally have the conversation, they realize it’s not nearly as big of a deal as they thought. Being confident in who you are, open-minded, and generous are more important in creating a positive sexual relationship than the amount of experience you have,” she explains.

Some people may feel so ashamed of their sexual inexperience that they lie about their sexual history. This can actually compound stigma by contributing to the illusion that people are having more sex than they actually are. Additionally, anxiety about sex can make a person’s loss of virginity stressful and less pleasurable than it might otherwise be.
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