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Was it necessary to spend ugx 3 billion for a pavilion in Expo 2020 for 2 cartoons of latto milk .

It was an embarrassment for Uganda to exhibit latto milk which is partly a Kenyan company product and splash juice and spending huge sums of money shs 3 billion when other countries such as Rwanda exhibited technological advancements with car assembling and unmanned aerial vehicles at a low costs compared to what was spent by Uganda with nothing meaningful to exhibit for the past 4 decades in power.

How do you vote?

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Stop comparing Uganda with other countries.
How sure are you that lato milk only was exhibited.
Analyse before commenting and posting.
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There was no need to waste tax payer's money on an event that turned to be a national shame because there's was nothing meaningful to be exhibited to the world. All that money was swindled in disguise of participating in the expo 2020.
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