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Uganda as an agro based economy, was it necessary to exhibit latto milk and splash juice .

Uganda had coffee and cotton as it's major cash crops which fetched foreign exchange earnings for the country but it was deliberately destroyed by the regime in order to rule poverty streaken citizens and it's too difficult to determine what's Uganda's cash crops yet it's an agro based economy hence due to absence of what to be presented at the expo 2020, 2 cartoons of latto milk and splash juice was exhibited at Dubai expo 2020 yet the country has various products that should have been presented to the public.

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Before you judge please get to know what was there.
Did Uganda exhibit latto milk only. Find out before posting and judging
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What's the contribution of latto milk and splash juice to Uganda's economy, if they had nothing to exhibit to the world, they should have exhibited house maids because that's what they exports in Gulf countries.
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