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Yes he is because as we read the Bible the 3 trinities were with God and he was with them accordibg to the new testament .
It's saying the 3 was with God and the trust was from the creator who said that no one will go to the ather with out going through me .
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Yes I believe and trust in God for all he has done for us from day one..especially to those who have pernum number while it has some yem not under 100k.
The reason I say like is that....,
Before them was at 6usd and now is at 9usd by fellow team holders guess what will happen after yem being publically announced to all countries.
I'm so greatful to my God who gave me a opportunity to be a yem holder.
Big time.
To all Nigerians here...and others

How do you vote?

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Jesus is not divine and he did not claim it anywhere, he is just a prophet sent by God to spread his word of one true God. His birth is a miracle and one of the four kinds of the way humans come to life, one being Adam's creation where he had no mother nor dad, second being Eva's creation where she had no mother but had dad, third being the one of u and me where we have both mother and dad and the forth being the one of Jesus where he had no dad but had mother.
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God or gods are an "invention" of humans because extraterrestrial beings came to earth and they couldn't help themselves and called these beings god/gods.

The destinies of mankind are not directed by a God, but by the omnipotence of the universe.
In the universe the life line of every single human being is written, which we cannot change, but at least we can easily influence.

I have had positive experiences with exactly this universe, so I know what I am writing about here.

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Although Jesus christ is also the Lord but he's the son of the almighty who is his father and he doesn't qualify to be called the almighty God.
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