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The Uganda Judicial system Can Never Solve Solve Cases in Time

In my cases. Innocent People are confined to prison without having trials in any court of law...In this case. People have been imprisoned for years and months Without his file having been looked in to by any Judge. Except When there is Bribery in Progress. In order to be worked upon in time. So many of our friends and family members. Have been Victim of this High level selfishness

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It's not only the judicial system but the entire government systems. There's no functioning entity and state organ in Uganda because we're and we have been under the military dictatorship where by the rule of law is being undermined by dictatorial orders hence it doesn't make sense to pin point the judicial system while negotiating the real cause of all that mess in a country. It's better we liberate our country so that freedom and liberty of Ugandans is guaranteed than expecting justice in a failed state.
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