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How can Sin. Be forgiven be Jehovah. Without Jesus Christ Ransom.

In the beginning. Jehovah made Everything perfect. Including Man. Man was free to enjoy any thing on the surface of the Earth. So Man didn't have to work Hard to get What he Needs. Man didn't fall Sick. And Man was to live forever without death in his life. In this way. Jehovah's love was on his creations. And He could to Man Directly. Until man disobeyed against God. By Eating the forbidden fruit. That was on the Tree in the Middle of the Garden of Eden. So Now. The Perfect Man became Imperfect. Sin Entered the World and So did Death followed Sin. Now man had to die because he had gone against the true God (JHWH) thro Sin. But God in later times Sent Jesus Christ. His only Begotten Son. To Ransom man back to God's Kingdom, to His love, to His Undeserved kindness, to Everlasting life. So Jesus had to die for us. So Why do Muslim friends Claim that Jesus. Didn't die . And He wasn't the Son of God . To deliver Man from Sin..

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It's only by repenting before one's death is the only way how sins can be forgiven but it's very difficult to acknowledge that man wasn't supposed to work to get what he wants in life because if the son of God worked as a carpenter and he carried his cross were he was crucified implying that there's nothing for free in life but some people are still with the illusion of getting miracles and expecting to get without giving.
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