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If you keep your self in the past your get more pain.
It's better to forget the past and focus on the future and doors will open for you.
Good times are ahead not in the past.
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It's ok to use one's past as a learning experience but it doesn't necessarily have to be in one's past because there's nothing can be changed in the past but there is a lot to be altered in the future.
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That's true really!. We have to forget the past and plan or start afresh. If there have been some mistakes or regrets, we have to put them aside and move on always.
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Let the past go and start afresh..

Stop regretting about your past mistakes , let the past go and focus on the future. Your past is just a lesson to teach you not to repeat the same mistakes in the future.
That's how you will start seeing progress in your lifetime without any regrets.

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It depends which past can i let go. There is history which we can not just leave for granted. Someone who has done to you something wrong, you cannot easily forgive and forget it takes time to forgive him but you cannot forget him. Someone who has killed your relative or a person you know, you can not easily forgive and forget. So, it depends on the gravity of your past to let it go just like that.
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