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Indeed he sacrificed for us by shading his blood at the crops because of our sins .
He said it's over and no more suffering ,his love for us was more than any thing ,a human being can't do that for a mere person
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What does Jesus's Sacrifice make possible for us?

When Jesus came to Earth, he replaced the law on Animal sacrifices by giving his life, or blood, for the forgiveness of our sins. ( Math 20:28, Heb 10:1) Jesus' life was so valuable that after Jehovah Resurrected Jesus to heaven, Jehovah could give all Humans the Opportunity to live forever. ( John 3:16,Heb 9:11,12. 1 pet 1:18,19.)

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It brought back the relationship between God and man which had been broken when Adan disobeyed God but not to live forever because every creature has to test death before goes into eternal living.
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