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God cares about is more than anything ,the bible tells us that he is with us in every situation .
He knew us before we were created in Jer 29:11
So let ignorance not cover us because little thinking .
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Why do some people think that God doesn't Care about their Suffering?

Many people think that God doesn't care about us. They feel that if God really cared, the world would be very different. We see war, hatred and misery everywhere. People get sick, they suffer and they die. Some wonder, " If God cares about us,why doesn't he stop all this suffering?

How do you vote?

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God doesn't care about people's suffering because he created the world with a lot of challenges and there's no problem free moment In life and in his bid for solutions, he created people which implies every person on earth is a solution to a certain problem and our failure to find out what we came to solve leaves many competing for a similar opportunity yet there's a lot left unutilised. If everyone finds out the kind of problem they came to solve, the world would be a better place to live for everyone.
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