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Yem should go public because it is secure. There is a good number of people who have understood it. And most importantly it is now globally known.
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Yes I would love to see YEM having more control over paper money and all the coins .
Also to be accepted in all forms of financial institutions like banks and forex exchanges and in oil trade companies plus many others .
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It should be publicized because we invested alot in it and much of it is stuck on our wallets. And if it goes public many lives will be changed World wide.
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I 100% agree with the idea of making Yem public to act as a medium of exchange for goods and services. This will be the time for Yem holders to reap where they sowed. I think no one would love to see Yem perishing. All safezone members will be happy to have Yem a public demand.
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I strongly believe that public yem will reach top 50crypto because this time we have a much more developed ecosystem unlike 2 years ago when yem was on SE
1. Most importantly we have POS this will bring us investors willing to buy yem on the market just to keep them in POS in the long run
2. Several companies are willing to accept yem as a means of payment ==> 80% will stay in POS for monthly profit and 20% will be sold for restocking
3.the crypto market is in a continuous evolution and even if the price will fall now(this being a good thing for investors) in the long run, it will exceed many other projects which will bring us many more investors.
4,5,6- and many more, because we have an ecosystem that can function exceptionally as long as yem is public. If we rely on LIQ, many of yem's strengths may disappear
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If I invest $ 50,000 in Dogecoin now and the market falls in a few months at least I will be able to put a stop loss through which even if I lost money I will not lose everything. If I invest the $ 50,000 in YEM and after a few months I decide that YEM is not a safe investment, how can I get that investment out if i don't have this option?
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1000794143 How can you name it public currency if all transactions take place in private? Can you explain to me the difference between YEM and any other currency, benefits, advantages?
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We want public YEM! How to pay taxes on an artificial currency, if it is still raised artificially like a stable currency, why don't we go public with a fixed price like USDT?
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Although it's hard to use yem now, the good part is that we don't pay taxes since it doesn't qualify as crypto according to the new regulations. But honestly I better pay some taxes but I can use the money when I need it
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I don't mind staying private for a few more years same like PI token but I want to have a map of the things we do and when we are expected to go public
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We returned from in private because we considered that the coins are not safe in public. But now that we've moved our coins publicly through dragon haven't we gotten there again? It is best to be public using a system like Stellar to have a utility and a low transfer price as opposed to LIQ working through ETH, this over time will lead to too high commissions to use YEM as the daily currency. .
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A hundred percent it should be made public because it is our every day money. That means that everyone needs yem and it will be viral when it goes public.
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1.I can move them on my personal wallet, which will make me very happy and safe
2. I can accept the coin at my beauty salon because this way I will be able to sell 10% of YEM to buy products and keep the rest for long term
3. Even if the price drops this will be a good opportunity to accumulate more because I believe in the project
4. if Shiba Inu managed to climb so much in a few days yem will climb too
5. Utility projects will grow no matter what price it is now

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Can it be explained to us once again in the conference why we cannot be public? I personally do not understand why. it is clear that there is a deficit in the current system and I think this is the only solution. You said we have a secure wallet, but if the servers crash we won't end up losing the coins? Unlike the public one, where do we keep them in a personal private wallet?
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The power of YEM and its potential is limited to only the ones who cary it. Being private is great but it limits the full potential of YEM to a certain degree. It’s about time the public learns about YEM.
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It is better to grow in a few years but to be able to enjoy YEM than to be able to use it only on yembids, where the products are overpriced
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Hello, I liked the idea of ​​YEM from day one, but because at the moment YEM is private I can't offer my entire stock of products for sale. That is why we need a free market so that we, those who want to sell products, can buy others with a small part of the profit made from YEM. Thank you and I hope everything will be fine.
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Given that the crypto market is constantly expanding, the YEM can rise organically to 9$ without being decided by RC, only that this requires more time and more effort from the company. The good part is that this way, even if there is volatility, it will be volume, volume that will attract other investors.
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yes, I think in a healthy economy, price is dictated by supply and demand. Liquidity cannot be created otherwise.
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Yes, I think it's best to go public because in this way companies will be able to offer products non-stop without running out of stock.
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Do you agree that YEM should be made public

Based on the votes, we want to make a request to UN for YEM to become public soon with 10B YEM after which 2B YEM will be issued annually until all YEM become public. Do you agree that YEM should be made public or not?

How do you vote?

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Since YEM was not created for trading but to be come a payment method, there's no need to make it tradable publically. Besides, we do already have Likquid coin that links YEM public platforms. Let's just give time and trust to DGF to its job. We are almost at finishing line. Why would we turn back in order to start over again?
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This suggestion is 100% contrary to the great job YEM Foundation is doing. All those who cannot wait to convert YEM into another currency did not understand what makes YEM so special. You want to turn YEM into one of 12,000 altcoins and cut off everything that makes YEM special. Thus, the answer to your question is NO!
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I don't think most commenters in PRO understood what the questioner meant by "public".
YEM is already public, that's not the problem.

I understand the question to mean that the questioner wants YEM listed on a public exchange, and that is exactly why I voted NO, because one of the great features of our digital currency is precisely our YEMExchange.

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