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If YEM goes public, it will immediately drop to a cent or lower, because YEM is not popular in society, and many do not know about it. There will be no demand.
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By all means yem will go public basing on the future in it. Other cryptocurrencies haven't mushroomed like the yem. Wait just a moment it's inevitable that yem will be publicaly accepted without jurisdictions.
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I think to make yem public begins with yem holders and all unicorn members by making public awareness such that all people know what yem is and begin using it on daily life.
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Who is responsible to make YEM public? The answer is YOU as a Unicorn member or as a YEM holder.You have the duty of teaching people about YEM. Show them the benefits of having Pernum and YEM seated on it. Show them that the future of YEM in our daily life. No one other than you will make YEM public. Help your people to understand the use of pernum wallet and everything in the pernum.
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I think we need better to understand to the implications of listing YEM on other public exchanges. YEM is already public but what does it mean to put YEM on these other exchanges? How will these affect YEM? The Holders? The Yemexchange? Just to mention a few, and all other Major Areas? Let's get a close look at this subject. Its best we are best informed before rushing into choice.

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