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Why did an Ethiopian man Want to Get Baptized?

This is what an Ethiopian man thought who lived in Jesus' time. SOME TIME after Jesus was Resurrected, Jesus' Disciple Philip preached to the man. Philip proved to him that Jesus was the Messiah. The Ethiopian man was so moved by what he learned that he immediately said: " Look! Here is water ; what prevents me from clearly getting baptized? " Act 8:26-36.
The Bible clearly teaches that if you want to Serve Jehovah, You should get Baptized. Jesus told his Followers. " Make Disciples of people of all Nations, Baptizing them." (Mathew 28:19)

Jesus also set the example by getting baptized himself. He was completely immersed in Water,

Not sprinkled with water on his head.( Mathew 3: 16). Today when a Christian his baptized, he must be completely immersed / dipped in water.

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