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What must you do be4 u can get Baptized?

Be4 you can get Baptized, you must come to know Jehovah and Jesus Christ. You have already started to do this by studying the Bible. ( Read John 17:3)
But it's not enough. The Bible says that you must be " filled with accurate knowledge" Of Jehovah's Will. ( Colossians1:9). Also read (Hebrew 10: 24-25) that will explain how beneficial to attend JHWH Witnesses meetings.

Of Course, Jehovah doesn't expect you to know everything in the Bible be4 you get Baptized. And so He didn't expect the Ethiopian man to know everything be4 he got baptized. ( Act8:30-31). And you will continue learning about God FOREVER ( Ecclesiastes 3:11)

But at least to get Baptized. You need to know and accept the basic teachings of the Bible. ( Hebrew 5:12)

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