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What do you About the Prophecy of the 70 Weeks in the Bible?

The Bible prophesied or foretold when the Messiah would appear. This would be at the end of a period of time called the 69weeks, which began in the year 455B.C.E. and Ended in the year 29C.E.

How do we know that it Ended in 29C.E.? The 69weeks began in the year 445B.C.E.when Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem and began to rebuild the city. ( Daniel 9:25, Nehemiah 2: 1,5-8) Just as the word " Dozen" makes us think of the Number 12. So the word " Week" reminds us of the Number 7. The weeks in this prophecy are not weeks of seven days but are weeks of seven years." ( Numbers 14:34, Ezekiel 4:6) This means that each week is seven years long and that the 69weeks add up to 483years( 69×7). If we count 483 years from 455B.C.E. it takes us to the year 29C.E.This is exactly the year when Jesus was Baptized and became the Messiah ( Luke 3:1,2,21,22.

The same prophecy foretold another week. Which is an extra seven years. During this time period. In the year 33 C.E. the Messiah would be killed ,and beginning in the year 36C.E. the good News of God's Kingdom would be preached to all Nations and not just to the Jews. ____Daniel 9:24-27.

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