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Demons are supernatural spirits created by God. These spirits were initially angels before their fall from heaven with their master, Lucifer the supreme commander of all demons. These sprits have natural names and function names. Natural ones were given to them by God, function names were derived from the type of function each category performs. The work of demons is to torment human beings with all kinds of nasty conditions through full and partial possession.

They also specialize in the works they do just like heavenly angels. There are demons for lust, demons for suicide, demon for jealousy and demons for all kinds of sicknesses. A demon of sexual lusts like masturbation begins by tempting someone to watch porn. If the person agrees, he watches that stuff. After that the person is now filled with lust for sex and if there is no any other option to cool it off, he or she will resort to self to let off the fire they gained from watching porn. Now the demon will keep playing the game on this person and with time, they will be possessed. The demon has now gained control over this person and is now oppressing the person.

This is how people are possessed in different ways, a person who was free is now under oppression. You may think you are serving yourself but in spiritual realm, you are serving a demon. When you are being oppressed by a demon like the one for sex, the demon also enjoys those sensual pleasures whenever you do it.
Be very careful, lest you are possessed. Many demons are waiting to possess you either partiality or fully and bring you under their control when you give in to their temptations.
A demon will never again control over you if you don't agree with their temptations, oppression begins after possession. A good example is alcoholism, it's oppression from a demon of drunkennnes after possession.

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