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Eternal salvation is not a mandate but this lie of purgatory is cool in some Christian churches.
Purgatory is a place or state where souls of the dead are purified before entering heaven.
Can a human soul purify itself? The eternal state of anyone is confirmed immediately after death, there is no grace given to those who die sinners after death even though interceded by those living.The righteous enjoys heaven and the sinners are sent off to eternal sentence Jesus said,
"Then these will be sent off to eternal punishment but the righteous will go to enternal life" Matthew25:46.
Purgatory makes hell less sounding and underminded . "Every sinner's soul of anyone who died in God's grace but not purified, is purified after death and then enters heaven"
Read Catechism of the Catholic Church Article 1030 and that's why these churches that embrace this doctrine pray for the dead this is pure unbiblical and traditonal.
Don't be lied to many lies are circulating.

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