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Different kinds of people you should run away in a relationship.

Relationship is good but sometimes it becomes complicated when you're with a wrong partner and there's a category of people one should run away in a relationship and these includes;
1. The convient lovers, if you see someone loves you based on convenience, run it implies that they love you when they have time. They don't prioritise you because they're users.

2. Liers, these are people who lie about nothing, they just lie to feel smart, play. They don't love you because they can't tell you the truth and end up stressing you.

3. Naggers , these are people who don't want to listen, hear, they just want to fight. They don't pay attention because they don't want to understand you.

4. Violent people
5. Selfish people who want much from you and not giving you anything and so forth hence it's better to run away from a group of people in order to have a good relationship.

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