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Love for money led to the sale of the son of man for some coins. This must be regulated though it may not be avoided in life because we need money always in all our dealings.
Someone said that money is almost same as oxygen because without economics, surely no progress can be seen in society. But caution, it must be loved in moderation because others may kill as showed above.
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Greed for money is some form of idolatry which every Christian should guard theirselves against.
The lust for money lead to telling lies, sexual immorality, murder, embezzle and so on. It should be avoided and replaced with the passion for Christ .
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L'argent est une bonne chose. Mais si nous lui donnons une priorité, cela devient une idole. Donc nous ne devons pas aimer trop l'argent.
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It is not necessary to form a life based on materialism because a love formed by money is unfortunate and will always bear rotten fruits.
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Why must we guard agst developing a love of money, Bible teaches?

We naturally want to have enough to eat, suitable clothes to wear, and a decent place to live. However, we must guard agst developing a love of money.

Many who are part of Satan's World are " Lovers of money" and of the things that money can buy.(2 Tim.3:2.)
Jesus knew that his followers might be tempted to develop this love . "No one can slave for two Masters." Jesus said. " For either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will stick to the one and despise the other. You can not slave for God and for Riches. ( Mathew 6:24)

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