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True thinking twice before reacting proves maturity ,it also promotes respect and divinity as there is a seeing that sets politiness costs nothing
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Yes it is true though bitter to swallow, thinking twice enables us to make right decisions.
Panicking to do things or deciding things always leads to unsuccessfulness which is a regret to everyone.
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You should think twice because some body can discaurage your opportunity either your minds meaning you should mind on vissions pursoselly and concussions in many people can also change your vissions which is very bad.
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Think Twice Before You Make A decision. In your Life?

Before you think of saying Unkind words , think of someone who is dum.
Before you complain about your husband or wife, think of someone who is crying out to God for a companion.
Before you complain about life , think of someone who has no life.
Before you argue about your poor Quality house, think of someone whose is living on streets.
Before worrying about the distance you drive to work , thinkof some one who foots to his work place.
And when you're fed up with your job. Think of someone who would wish to get that job your nolonger valueing..
Before rape your some one's Daughter. Think of someone raping your daughter..

How do you vote?

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