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first i what you to know what a friend means,
to have person who can do the things on your side without any cost in a period of happiness or sadness
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Yap we must love each other in true so as have everlasting friendship en don't 4get to love mny bt trust few en we can have everlasting friendship
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Loyalty and truth will always be a great point to have a great friendship but the most important thing is respect above all else.
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What Can We Do to Have Everlasting Friendships?

A true friend shows love at all times and is a brother who is born for times of distress.​—Prov. 17:17.Today, our brothers and sisters face a variety of challenges. For instance, Some are facing financial crisis. Health Crisis. Relationship Crisis.

But What matters most is that you are there with your friends when they need you. We must be determined to build and maintain strong relationships with our brothers and sisters now. Those friendships will last not only through the end of this system but for eternity! But throught enternity...

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