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Was the man in the video clip a victim of the attacks or attacker himself

The bombing that happened on 16th in Kampala left a lot of questions with no answers, unfortunately so many people are not looking at the details and the media both locally and internationally either by design or they're part of this big conspiracy, they just only look at the entire headline of the bombing in Uganda but they don't go into details.

The blast that happened near CPS, a gentle man that was carrying a back park and he blew himself out, there's a lot a possibility that the bomb had already been planted there and there's a possibility of a man who was carrying a backpack not knowing that it had a bomb in it because if the gentle man was actually targeting the CPS , why did he have to move past the entrance and not just go straight to the police station and blew himself out but why did he just stood somewhere next to the police station where you can do the least amount of damage and then detonate the bomb there.

Why is it that the video clip only was taken from CCTV cameras around the CPS and there's no video clips showing the movements of the attackers yet Kampala is full of CCTV cameras. Bomb attacks are just a pretext for Museveni's intervention in Congo, he's trying to sell terrorist cards to the Americans and internationally community so that he buys more time on a stolen victory.

How do you vote?

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Only God knows if he was a suicide bomber or not. I believe we should just pray for our country and continue being good to one another, that way the world will be a good place for all of us to live in.
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