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People always want to tell lies because the don't want there freinds to balance there chances or opportunities meaning if you have your plan and you don't want your freinds to know your plan or your vision not all about changing your minds.
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They tell lies because at some times they'll wanted to defend themselves that's why you see they tell lies.
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For me on my side I think that people tell lies they don't want their freinds to balance there vissions thus not leading to there success because many times if you tell truth anybody can know your goal at some times if knows what your thinking he can confused your minds which is very bad.
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People tell lies because sometimes I hear some people saying for example promising is better than never and another side if u want ti always tell true people can not follow to your views thus not leading to success which is not good at all but if you tell lies you may find that you have got some people who can muralluboost you thus helping your opportunity to achieve success and helping people to he'd them to approfitable thing.
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Why Do Peolpe Keep On Telling Lies?

These days lies have become normal in our world , they block and unlock good and bad things.
To you why do you think people tell lies in place of truth? That question is comprehensive and has a couple of answers. These are some of my reasons why people tell lies.

• People tell lies in order to defend themselves from being guilty.

• Some people tell lies to fit in a certain group of people where membership has got terms and conditions.

• A lot of people these days lie to get money or to be favoured for a job.

• Lies are told now days because they sound and look normal, some people lie just for the fun of it.

• A lot of people lie to win affection from others, this is evident in courtship.

According to you , why do you think people tell lies? Share your mind with others on this.

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