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Well they could be powerful but i imagine they are not by the fact you have said that they are side chicks.
The housewife still beat them because those at home have legal proof of their marriage which side chicks are for a while and this proves the reverse.
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Side chicks are more powerful than house wivies.

A lot of women are married to strangers, to men to whom they can't talk a jock about, you don't know anything about them, a lot of you are married to men you cannot communicate with, you can't have conversations with, a lot of women can't sit with their husbands for an hour or 30 minutes accept when fighting or queueing. That's why there's a difference between a side chick and house wife. Side chicks are more powerful they're not just ordinary women, they're women that are beautiful, have goals, dreams, independent, have money of their own. A lot of side chicks are not chasing your husbands because of money, a lot of side chicks have money of their own, they're women like other women, the difference is that a lot of side chicks your husband did not see them before he saw you, it's communication that holds a man down and makes a man to begin looking inside of you.

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Most of the men run to side chichs just to get the moments they dont receive from their wives and after solving their problems they go back to their wives.
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