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The president said people must go for vacin atlist 4millions people now we are more than 4 millions let him open every business children are going to school in January but but are saying where are they going to get school fees he would open all business by December thank you so much
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You are on point, curfew is driving our country back to 80s. The reason why these leaders are less caring about this issue is, their children are studying from outside the country, they have businesses outside and therefore have nothing to worry about forgetting that there are people who are not like them financially.
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President is correct because his people they don't hear his laws he is correct so I support him to put on curfew.
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I support President of Uganda for not opening his nation because the Ugandans are not hearing the laws of President.
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Uganda is the only country which is still enforcing curfew.

Other countries have lifted away curfews but Uganda is still enforcing it giving hard time to people and their businesses.
The most affected is the entertainment industry, education, bars and the boda bodas who are tortured by the ruthless security officials.
But what worries most is the government isnt ready to support these affected sectors.

How do you vote?

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