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Man utd doit avoir un nouveau menager pour faire la bonne marche de l'équipe . CR7 pas comme les autres joueurs pourra faire triompher l'équipe . Sa présence est vraiment important. c'est un attaquant très puissant qui pourra également marqué becoup de buts pour l'avancement de l'équipe.Sur il avére important qu'il trouve un nouveau menager.
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Manchester United should get a new manager because, the manager has failed to make the team win, when Manchester United win the get, it is because the player worked hard as team for their talents but not skills from the coach, it seems the team players is above the manager. So in order Manchester United to perform and come back normal they must find a good coach who can manage to change all altitude of the player, hope it will work
Thank you!!
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Ils doivent avoir un nouveau managers pour renforcer l'équipe au côté de l'attaque comme le portais est tellement compétant et pourra mener l'équipe à haut niveau en remportant les victoires qu'on s'entendait pas. Il est très bon en attaque il marque les buts très surprenant.

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according to me he should go because he has done nothing for the team yet he has good players.
even he bought christiano ronaldo but he did nothing
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It's really true Manchester United should have new manager due to the fact that most of it's players are not willing to work under ole Gunnar solskjaer though few of them are really interested. This is evidenced by it's last match with Watford were it was beaten terribly yet it had a very strong team than its rival team.
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Man UTD has so far just won only one match in seven played games, but only there no clear formula that manager has shown in amidst of many talented players the club has! I think it's time for the blazers to think of bringing of new manager!

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