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when you still a live it means you have everything in this world for example when you lose live ,you counter as a dead person even if you was having everything so i say a rich person is the one who still alive
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To know that someone is rich he or she must be having sharp minds. Investments must be there like having accomodations animals or land.And as we are proching to digital currency one must be having yem for future richer. So having money on bank or cash doesn't me that one is rich.
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Hope placed in the riches of this world shall eventually come to halt, place your hopes in riches that perish not. The ones that are above this world. I have nothing fat on earth, my riches are in heaven. What do you have here that shall never come to an end?
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It's true because some people don't risk anything but they risk everything so as they can be rich at the same time they create some groups or companies that can provides income to them.
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It's because of having many assets/income that others can't manage to know sometimes they create some groups or companies to provide them money.
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It's because he/she have many assets,some times have More income that some people don't know that's why he/she said so,as myself is what i am expecting.
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How should one tell that he/she is rich

Am thinking that riches can not be taken as having cash on the bank accounts.
It is more than having heavy accounts, instead it should be investments and a mind that can accommodate these heavy accounts to be able to produce more money.
I do not know what you think?

How do you vote?

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