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"What I say is this, let the Spirit direct your lives and you will not satisfy the desires of human nature" Galatians5:16.
The desires of human nature are overpowering, the human nature itself tempts us
into satisfying fleshly lusts which are against the Spirit and the two are enemies.The persuit of human nature only leads to sensualism, it is greedy, proud and self ambitious only seeking to satisfy its desires through the flesh.The flesh says "I want to watch blue stuff" and the Spirit says "No, that's not good for your soul" From these 2 quotes you can see that human nature is against the Spirit.The fruits of human nature are; fornication
, masturbation, bestiality, necrophilia and all these are abominable to God and whoever says "I do what pleases me" no doubt lives by human nature and will never see the Kingdom of God.Those who are Spirit-led are God's as the Spirit generates; kindness, faithfulnes
s, peace,humility, joy, love and self-control.
My brothers and sisters, I pray that you live by the Spirit.

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Holy Spirit is divine while nature is non divine. The two cannot be adversary because God being divine cannot worship Himself so He needs nature to worship him as Divine. Holy spirit cannot be adversary to nature they work in harmony though Holy spirit is higher than nature. While holy spirit is perfect nature works towards perfection to be like holy spirit is.
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