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Do we need any calls for proposals-solicited or unsolicited?

Recently a leader of HIV/AIDS organization in Uganda was sharing with me how they received a regret after carefully preparing a project proposal to some call. They received a regret-"I regret to inform you that your application was not successful".

It reads, "We are a small charity and unfortunately cannot fund every proposal we would like to.
This funding round was particularly competitive, with over 2100 applications received on time and of high quality. We are only able to take forward a few of these applications and unfortunately, we are unable to provide individual feedback on each application due to limited resources".

Now, she was inquiring that if they are still small and have small resources why do they advertise? I thought its for competitive purpose so that the best are taken on if they align with objectives and program areas.
We could have some fundraising officers or grant managers and others here for some organizations, please assist this colleague not to give up but keep competing.

How do you vote?

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