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It 's true many people are like that, when they don't pay in search active they always say that things are easy in due run they can't do so or they can do the same mistake
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Many of us think and say, "If I was the one, I wouldn't have failed. I would have done it the right way..." We say all this because we are not part of it at that moment but when we are allowed to participate, we always make the same mistakes like others.
Therefore things look and sound easier when you are out of them or when you are not part of them. Take an example when we are spectating games like football matches, we always blame strikers for missing a correct shot in to the goal.

We blame them because at that time, we are not part. When you take part, that's when you see and find that things are never easy when you are in. This means it is difficult for us to learn our mistakes at the very time we do them, we always learn after "Stumbling or failing". But some live couching is needed in some cases like during a football match, it helps players avoid little fouls that can cause big fouls.

In place of blaming, please let us correct those who are in wrong better than criticizing them. Tomorrow we will do the same mistakes and they too shall correct us. Anyone who doesn't accept to be corrected shall never learn.

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