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Effectivement il très important que les garçons aime l'argent des filles car tout change et nous de vivre avec notre temps. Actuellement les filles travail aussi bien que les garçons. Avec ce vingtuniem siècle les filles gagne plus argent que les garçons.
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They should like the money from girls because they use alot of efforts to satisfy them. And so boys can't access jobs of girls who have alot chances to uptake them
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It's not good to me to find a boy in that condition,so I myself l disappear,so all in all i would encourage them to be more inquisitive not to be daogmatic this is my advice.
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Why is it that some boys of these days like money from girls

Not all boys do but most of them want girls with money instead of them. It's true like most of my boyfriends come to borrow money from me but they fail to refund them I don't know what's going in this world. But my advice is we should all work so that we don't wait for others to give us money. Our minds should be open mostly in this new generation we are leaving in. Thanks.

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