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Hard working, smart working or combination-what is works!

Today the world haven been digitalized, societies are now working smart and conveniently with higher returns at lower investments.

The old days of 1900s, working hard was the normal problem going to a garden with hand held tools for preparing gardens for a season. Today agriculture has been mechanized which reduces costs, time and brings higher returns resulting from higher acreage involved compared to subsistence old way of working.

Combination of hard and smart working would bring a balance to society.
Working smart may require you to work hard by investment in research, information, consultants to get best returns. This may be quite technical than working hard alone where you have to work as a machine yourself.

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Smart working is the only was we should have because if you're smart, everything will be good.when your smart in working that means that you're hard working so you need to be smart beautiful.thats when you can be good in everything.vif you hard working not smart you will suffer alot thank you
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