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Blndmess may be referred to as one being unable to see with the use of the physical eyes. One may also be said to be blind if he or she cannot see what is ahead or behind him in terms of circumstances or situations. He or she is unable to realise what is really going on around him and know what to do about it.
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The main reason why we are all blind

Blindness is not just the disability to see things, it is also the lack of capability to know things that are ahead or events that are in future.
This kind of blindness is with every man on earth.

We human beings would have less trouble and would be able to shun so many artificial and natural calamities if we only knew what would happen one minute ahead of us.

We would be able to stop so many crimes and violence if we knew what would happen tomorrow and since we are devoid of this ability, we are blind and walk blindly because we don't know what's next.

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