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People these days are very cruel they do all sorts of evil like murder, rape trafficking people, terrorism , the list is quite endless as each day people come up with cruel acts that are u hard of. All those actions disturb the peace and bring about pain and suffering in the world. People who engage them selves are antichrist because Christ preached peace and love which is quite contrary to what those people do.
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Truthfully said,
Not everyone believes in trinity like we Moslems we believes and respect Jesus as a messenger of God but we can't compare him with God. Jesus was also praying to God his creator and due to such reasons someone us are anticrist and it's very OK since we don't have the same brain after all to God we all belongs. Red blood one love.
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The simple definition of who an antichrist is.

Simply an antichrist is any person who places himself or herself in the place of Christ or the one who works against Christ and his Church.
The word "anti" means against or in place of thus the name antichrist.
From the above definition, we derive a final sense that there are so many antichrists in the world.

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