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Patience improves your ability to accept setbacks and enjoy life much more. There is a saying; Good things come to those who wait. And others say Patience pays but pains. Patience allows you to persevere and make more productive decisions, often leading to greater success. So when a musician is patient, he sees what is making his music not trade and consequently makes necessary improvements. This allows him or her set a best foundation for his or her career which in turn makes him successful in the industry.
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To my opinion its very difficult for musician to be successful when they donot be patient fast of all you cant make a hit song without good producers and famous ones also managers to support financially .this is because momey is used to make both audio and videos through paying videographers , writers, among others .to have all of these yo have to work very hard , determined and patiently
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Patience is expected almost in every thing in this world if you are to get something good and valuable out of some thing for example growing a small business int a large enterprise, s baby growing in it's mothers womb et cetera. So if one is not patient that can never achieve any thing valuable in this life.
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Indeed it's very hard for musicians who are not patient to succeed in music just the same way it is in any other businesses. We have very many people people who sold their yem at low prices and now it's time for those with yem to shine and where will those who sold theirs cheaply will Be?!
Since patience pays ,it's needed in our daily lives if we are to win.and it should be applied in all businesses to succeed not only in music.
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It is very hard for musicians who are not patient to be successful in music industry.

On my opinion, I see that it is very hard for musicians who are not patient to become successful in music industry. This is because when singers create their songs they expect them to hit and make much money but when they do not do so, most of them impatiently become weak and lose morale of continuing to make music, these singers also need too much fame, they want to enjoy expensive life style which requires much money and when they fail to make it, it becomes very hard for them to succeed in their lives.

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It cant be hard for musian who are patient in music ndustry to succed becase no much knowlede and money can be put in music production
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Dans toutes activités naissent la patience mais il faudrait aussi de la passion et de la détermination et suivra le succès. Vous ne pouvez pas vous lever un matin pour dire je veux être artiste non. Bien-sûr la patience joue un grand rôle mais c'est insuffisant.
Il te faut aimer d'abord cet art (un passionné), être déterminé, sérieux, être à l'écoute du public et ensuite être patient. C'est mon humble avis
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