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It is true, nothing in life has no meaning except the meaning that you give it may differ,universe is intelligently designed to have purpose's that provide sensations and awareness from which consciousness develops. We are all experiencing third density consciousness which is a stage of self-awareness and abstract thinking. When humans shifted from the second density, animal consciousness into third density, the meaning of their existence to themselves was very basic for survival. As humans developed their abstract thinking abilities they began to become more self-aware and the meanings of life also expanded. Humanity is making a big step into the real world of self-awareness. Abstract thinking over the last centuries left peoples self-awareness behind and humanity started loosing itself to the abstract thinking of the scientists, astrophysicists and biologists. Life very quickly lost it's meaning for the people who were struggling to survive, while being told how to survive.
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For sure every thing in this world it has purpose GOD creates every thing with a purpose.therefore every human being in this world has got a purpose,even all creation as general,as got purpose,so never regret in this world why I'm doing this GOD has clear reason for you,and he going to work on you because he created you with the aim.
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Nothing in this world has got no purpose.

When something has no use to us at that time, we always refer to it as "futile". We say this because that's what we see and think at that moment. When something has no use to you that time, it doesn't mean it will always be useless for ever.
If it doesn't help you or benefit you, it benefits others.
Therefore everything that you see in this world has a purpose, it may benefit man or animals.

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