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I can say yes and a big yes because in this new word order program if we all join and will all join i am telling you the future will be good and even better place to live in . Due to new rules fumes will be replaced by rechagebles, charcoal with gas cookers and sunlight energy ,swamps ,rivers, lakes, mountains will be regulated inorder to conserve the enviroment and re build the ozone layer .
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Will we ever reach a critical mass of human beings working together to make a better world?

We all know that there are many loving people with a beautiful heart and real intention to help in building a better world. In fact, some are making appreciable changes in their close environment.

But there are others in the opposite way, as darkness always exists beside light. We have day and night, yin and yang, good and bad, like both sides of a coin dancing in a perfect balance.

Then, do you believe we will ever achieve a number of people big enough to turn the world into a better home to live? A critical mass of people who will join and work together in the same direction to make the world safer, fairer and more loving for everyone?

How do you vote?

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