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Creativity is human but on the other hand helped and backed by institution by the way i always think about those who dont know english how will really benefit from this coming technowledge any it does not cater for individual differences .only may be those who know to help those who dont know.
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Our creativity is bound to our curiosity, it’s hard to be inspired, when put in an environment built to mold you into a worker for someone else. In the same breath it becomes a relief when you find time to due what you are passion about… following that passion is what will free us from the constraints placed on us!
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Is Creativity in the Human or in the Institution?

Should people be restricted when it comes to creativity? In this day in age we can learn anything we want through the internet. How many artists with no background have made it “big” compared to those with the background? I bet you’d be surprised at the statistics
Who’s tell any aspiring creative what is art and what isn’t ..Do you agree that going to college for art sends you in the right direction or restricts one’s true creative capabilities?

How do you vote?

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