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Meta verse will change way of living bcs the new technology obtained that will make life easy and using artificial intelligence to make sure that the all systems are doing well and its security is secure and easy to use and monitored.
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Meteverse will change the way of living because far areas will be brought near as far as technology is concerned . Ordering of good and services will be done while seated in your sitting room with metaverse tool and after negotiations you pay then products are shipped . One or two months are enough for you to receive your product. What a nice world ! Those who died long ago will mis alot.
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The Metaverse will change the way people have been living. It's main aim is to innovate the way people interact with each other on the internet, interacting in a way previously only thought possible in science fiction.
A simple example exists in the 3D images, Internet of things, Robotics (AI), among others.
The programme under the Metaverse will change the world and how people live.
Sooner, apart from the use of Social media, which communicate the world in seconds, Metaverse shall employ massive deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to industries, organizations and government establishments, for timely and faster results. They perform most tasks in seconds.

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