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War cause children to fled
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Ok a war, is a war so its important to note that the cause of everything has a reason therefore the concequence will justify the means. I cant talk much about it.
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70 percent of Ukrainean Children have fled out

Since February 2022 that Russia invaded Ukraine from Ukrainean capital of Kiev,many families game been greatly discomforted and displaced.
We understand that even strangers, like students from other countries of the world were likewise distabilized.
There had been severe scarcity of food, water,, personal freedom and associations. This led Ukraine to also cry out to the international community for help.
The on-going war from Russia kept depleting Ukrainian children of school age, and the potential manpower for Ukraine in future.
The children were left with no option but to flee the ountry How do see it.

How do you vote?

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Apparently, the propaganda of the militant liberal progressists (neo-Marxists) has invaded here as well.
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