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Russia's Central Bank goes to War- Is Crypto a friend or for?

In the month of January 2022, the Central Bank of Russia (CBR), decided on some measures to reduce the country's Cryptocurrency Market. They put a blanket ban on the use and mining of Cryptocurrencies. It pointed out (1) volitile nature of Cryptocurrencies to the financial stability of the country, (2) the extensive use of crypto in illegal activities, (3) energy cost involved in crypto mining,and others.
However, being hard hit by sanctions from America, the European Union, Germany, France et Al. The CBR itself was slapped with hard sanctions including denying it economic co-operations. Russia was hit wit inability to transact liquidity is seriously examining dropping it's decision to shun cryptocurrencies to that of full heartedly embrace the use, the mining, the exchange and the spending of Cryptocurrencies.

How do you vote?

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