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Life whithout Christ Can be compared to a car whithout fuel or a human body whithout blood. Life IS sensless whithout Jesus Christ
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Yes without Jesus no life it is like a car running without driver, will get accident anytime but if you live by following God's instructions you will be safe for everything, when you have Jesus in life no Satan will come near you, he know Jesus very well when he was beaten in heaven also when you live the Jesus he will give you wisdom and understanding people around you will respect you and trust you except for the one who doesn't know God
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I believe in God Almighty and his only son Jesus Christ. Because Jesus Christ lived I also live because he his life for me and many on the cross.
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Jesus is the way the Truth and the Life, no after life without HIM, He is the source of life. Salvation is only found in Jesus, at the mention of the name Jesus every knee should bow for the glory of the Father
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I agree, accepting Jesus is accepting life, not only life, but life eternal. But, having heard all that God did on our behalf by bringing His only begotten Son, most people usually shun this message perhaps hoping that there is still enough time or that another Saviour is coming, For me I will like to advice that you drop every wickedness, world pleasure and procrastination, and seize the opportunity to embrace light, life and Jesus Christ.
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Life without chirst is failure, embrace Jesus Christ and be safe

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom,,,, life without chirst is vain life, because Jesus Christ is the life of the world...
Jesus is the light of the world..
Come to him and be saved...
He that born of God have life and he that refuse to accept Jesus Christ our King is death in spirit,,,
Jesus is a great light that shine in darkness..
Come to him and be saved....

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