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Göd does give the same wisdon and understanding to every person

All wisdom and understanding that is harmless is good and applicable.
Göd is one and gives the same wisdom and understanding however in different ways and perspectives .

The reason why we don't have the same way of understanding though are all Christians. Göd gives the same wisdom but this wisdom is used in different ways and so the interpretation of it .

How do you vote?

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God doesn't give wisdom and understanding to everyone but for only one obey his instructions, if you worship him and you follow Ten Commandments as instructed when you ask him wisdom he will give you immediately, he will not give you if you don't want it, that's why there is people with no wisdom consulting people in front of people or beating his wife for just small mistakes, that shows the man has no wisdom although others has wisdom by nature
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Alright God is God Almighty and wisdom is a gift from him. That's to say "the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom" what I know is that whoever fears God receives a gift of wisdom Irrespective of who that person is. So wisdom is for all who believe and fear God Almighty.
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And what about the ones that don´t believe in god? Are they not wise? I consider myself a "God" and do not depend on any other god for wisdom.To trust/believe in a god is Not wise...
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Reason why is not same wisdom is that but why is it that most people are not rich while others are very rich
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