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Definitely yes,the display is fine though the figures changed and where reduced but the value did not change like forexample if some one hard 10000yem,now he or she has 10yem which means the figures are loss but the value is constant.
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Definitely yes, the new display will create a positive impact in the minds of public at large and Yem holders in particular.
added by Bhanwar Rawat 10 days ago 1    0

Yes no problem, the figures are less but the value is high it's more better than it was before. by 1000926632
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Yes I really surport that let YEM be pared with Usdt on new digital exchange
That will help new entrants to buy yem
And it will be the easiest way
Thank tram
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It would help for holders get some some money to spend and impress new investors to look for yem and make people realize yem in the real world.
This is wonderful for everyone who has yem.
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These are the advantages the new Yem display will bring: (1) Yem will now be listed on Coinmarketcap: (2) Every Unicorn member will be enthusiastic on getting new members: (3) Companies, government establishments, corporate organizations, global citizens will like to find out what Yem is about; (4) Much needed Liquidity will grow steadily: (5) More people, government and companies will appreciate and register in the Safe zone, ...... So many other benefits accrue.
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I surely believe it is the right thing to do, because crypto lovers usually look out for fundamentals before they invest money into projects.
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Do You Like The New YEM Display?

I have a feeling that the new YEM maximum display is a big improvement regarding public perception of YEM.

Let's now focus on the Digital exchange plus CMC. If other meme coins could do it, we should be able to do it as well. success all the way.
Thank you team.

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