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All these solutions are good because, when the government imposes high taxes on loans to the borrower, some times you find that they have not even got good profits from the established businesses which make them unable to pay In good conditions.

Even the government should carry out mining processes because there are minerals which are hidden under the ground but unfortunately they are unmined.

Even the growth of industry sector brings jobs nearer, because machines are operated by people which increases jobs.

The government should also improve in education sector by giving out schoolarsips to students because some even lack school fees which may end them up failing to complete their levels of education.
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Eight (8) steps some underdeveloped countries can take to create wealth and employments to their cit

The issue of lack of employment or lack of tangible financial engagements for the youth, is ravaging third world countries.
The following steps could be taken these third world countries:
(1) Their governments should grant enough tax-free loans to manufacturers, exporters, importers, artists and other important business undertakings. (2) Implement sustainable Agricultural programmes, all over the country, monitor programme and processes bi-annually.
(3) Encourage drastic economic diversification, explore several mineral resources, finance lucrative ventures, or encourage genuine creatvity and artists by providing grants and soft loans with sponsored logistics
(4) Ensure accurate statistics for planning. Plan for the youth, the elderly, children and women.
(5) provide consistent electricity 24(7) non-stop for industries, and the people.
(6) Reduce the costs for governance.
(7) Build businesses with products that can attract foreign exchange, then privatize them to good hands to manage.
(8) Invest strongly on educational advancement by giving scholarships, grants etc. Sponsor skills acquisition programmes, including training specialists in different endeavours. When you have done these, report your observation to Pro Or No in the next four or five year to come.

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