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Why not if USDT is a stable cryptocurrency, then I support it if we can liquidate to use our Yem. We are ready
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USDT at least try it for 6 months if it doesn't work well, after 6 months, you could unpaired.
Let even test it to see how it works.
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Yes 100% it's correct, yem should be paired with usdt in order to improve on it's liquidity and on top of that usdt is stable.
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Yes I need it because it will a big achievement so you can do it however we need money because some of us we invest our things in the yem so we need to do something so please do it
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Yes I do accept that yem should be paired with usdt because usdt is stable and pairing it with usdt will make it easy to liquidate yem.
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Exactly, I can't tell how I wish YEM to be paired with USDT,
I support it 100% for the betterment of all YEM holders, thanks.
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USDT is a stablecoin, a type of cryptocurrency that aims to keep cryptocurrency valuations stable. It will be very suitable for Yem holders as its use will keep the value of Yem stable and investors will be protected from the prevailing market volatility.
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Pairing YEM with USDT is expected to carry a lot of meaning. Most YEM holders are looking for possible ways to liquidate part of their YEM. Members with trading skills will be able to access this liquidity for their own good. Thanks a lot for this type of question.
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Its a great idea , Actually pairing YEM/USDT doesnt affect YEM in any way ..its just a pair that do not affect the intrinsic value of YEM nor its vision ..but an option to reep benefits in crypto world who see usdt as a better option compared to USD with adverse regulations and restrictions. Actually USD transfers are not easy in many Jurisdictions.

Another thing some say that YEM was set to work with digital currencies of countries ..let me inform you that pairing YEM with USDT doesnt mean that it cannot pair with others ..YEM can pair with as many assets as it can to creat a room for external liquidity.

The price of YEM is determined by an algo ..not by speculation it will remain a stabilised currency. Then why not pairing with USDT .??

I support it
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Am in agreement with this opinion, For better usability of yem increasing use cases like pairing YEM with USDT is a better idea in that most people in crypto will have easy access to yem and this will automatically increase liquidty in yem economy! so yem foundation should check this idea, thoroughly well as it would quickly cover up the less liquidity we have in yem as of now!
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Many people have USDT. If this pair is generated, it's a sure cash flow for the company.
So let's go ahead and do it.

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Thank you for the great work
I support 100% if you do so many people will join/adopt yem as good project, on my side I agree yem to pair with USDT THANK YOU
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USDT has no limits and no borders. It is known as the protection currency for exchanges against the volatility of cryptocurrencies. It is also the best version of the global cryptocurrency dollar, widely used in transfers and with very low fees.
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Haha... This is one of the exciting journey yem holders has been waiting to see, now it will be easier to persuade the world with no pernum or yem to obtain them
added by Felix Mukisa 393 days ago 7    0

We can't continue to avoid completely other cryptos, work with stable ones that potential investors can assess. Not every country allows it's citizens to receive fiat from a crypto related Company.
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We need it because our buyers may have usdt and those who want to sell some Yem would be much interested in usdt for easy business in the crypto arena. So pair it and we see how it will attract more crypto enthusiasts.
added by NOE MAWAGGALI KIWANUKA 393 days ago 9    0

Let us try! Why not?!
I think that by this way YEM can move more easy and more fast. It could be considered as a door for YEM Liquidity.
added by Ismaeil Saeid 393 days ago 7    0

I am happy to know that YEM is going to be paired with USDT. I really want yem to be paired with USDT so that it can grow like iroko tree. I have also observed that it would enable it to gain value in other trading exchanges.
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I support our yem should be compared with usdt in new exchange because usdt is the common digital currency with all coins etc
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By pairing Yem with USDT we can have greater convertibility of YEM. USDT is a stable coin and it will add to the global acceptance in more countries.
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YEM is a genuine digital currency made to the standard of Gold.
YEM will blow the entire world as it is the first of its kind in the new era of Financial Technology
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Thank you so much BID to give us this opportunity to choose I myself I would like yem to trade with USDT and Ather pairs SO that to liquidty when liquid staded many people they join our system thanks
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I really want yem to be paired with USDT so that it can grow like iroko tree. I have also observed that it would enable it to gain value in other trading exchange.
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For purpose of trade, even fiat currencies are always paid. So considering yem as a digital currency gives it a green light to digitally transact business with other digital currencies
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For purposes of storage of value, YEM should be paired with USDT which is already trusted as a stable coin. Otherwise volatility has been the major reason why people don't trust some Cryptos.
added by ASIIMWE MIKE MBAKANIA 394 days ago 7    0

YEM should be paired with USDT coz it is also a stable coin.
Thanks for the great job you are doing. God bless you
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Once Yem is pairedbai5h USDt it will help new members to understand the usage bof Yem and increase the market

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Pairing yem with usdt is good idea because it will enable companies to trust in yem and many businesses will accept yem as the store of value hence getting more people Thus liquidity will be available.
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Because when it works hand In hand with usdt it will make , yem more famous usdt will be introducing yem to the world that i have a good brother with me
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USDT needed for sure to improve liquidity and one common network is more important for deposit and withdrawals
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Is good for yem to be paired by usdt so it will have more users globally, yem should be use globally not community coin.
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I believe minimising of lowballing is good, but hope after the 6 months test period is when we can feel its efficacy.
Personally I consider it a good idea and, shall confirm it excellent after the trial period.
added by 1001190236 394 days ago 9    1

This is automatically yes because it's going to publicise yem the more and also increase on the exposure of YEM hence more PerNum holders and more YEM users on board.
added by 1001223034 394 days ago 8    1

Yes I vote yes coz USDT is a stabalized currency which and thus not volatile like other altcoins and Bitcoin. Pairing YEM with USDT will bring in more liquity too as many crypto enthusiastics will be attracted to it
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Pairing yem with USDT will bring in liquidity very fast to the digital exchange because USDT is being traded world wide in many major digital exchanges .. so it's a brilliantly ideology to bring that pair on board tk promote yem currency.
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Because we are in need of liquity so that we can tranfer our Yem to other platforms and will attract many others to peenum
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it will be easy for the new members to buy yem with USDT on the new exchange and will attract those who have USDT for easy way of buying yem
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Being that it will pair with stable coin it's very well and good and hope it will eventually pass pass the tests as laid.

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Would You Like YEM To Be Paired With USDT In The New Exchange?

To improve YEM liquidity and minimize lowballing, considere pairing YEM with at least with one of the major stable coin like USDT at least try it for 6 months if it doesn't work well, after 6 months, you could unpaired.
Let even test it to see how it works.

I thank the team...

How do you vote?

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I don't think so, why? Because YEM and USDT is just like same. We don't need to exchange YEM to USDT. We need to invest and gain profits. Eg. Others cryptocurrency, Stock and so on.
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Many of the safe zone members think that YEM is a crypto. YEM is a"Digital currency". It's far from crypto. It's not for trading.
Remember every central bank of every country will be with its own digital currency in the near future. YEM will be exchangeable with each of any digital currency in the digital world. Fasten your belts YEM holders are the next trillionaires in the next digital currency world.
added by 1001103584 393 days ago 8    7

The Yem Foundation is doing the best it can, so the Yem can become the official currency according to state regulations
I also hope that this will come true in a while :)
added by Anonymous 393 days ago 5    6

We would like of course,but we know very well that Yem was not created for that.
As they always tell us,Yem is money,real money and,me personally,I would like to see it reach that purpose. And am sure we are reaching there soon.
added by 1000918757 394 days ago 5    6

I remember we were told yem its self is your everyday money and is a fiat currency and stable even was made to buy goods and services and will not be pegged with dollar, so I don't think what was said by the yem foundation could be changed thanks
added by PETER LUBEGA 394 days ago 5    6