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That is the truth and must be the most important. Since Seasons go And Come the jugement day will come assuredly.
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To be sincere the world takes us no where however rich someone is here or she will have to die and leave his or her riches on earth so that's where one will have to face his creator on the judgment day. So we have to do everything while putting in minds that there is a day of judgment.

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It is true do whatever you want to but remember there judgement from God at the of world, it is your choice to against sin, pick prostitution as you want but remember you will get payment accordingly to what you did.
Everyone has been created by God so we worship him without limit, we have to pray every minute, every hour, and every day, bible say if you wrong someone ask forgiveness before sunset and live your life according to God instructions and obey his Ten Commandments
Thank you
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Do everything but remember the day of judgement

You can ride well on earth, fly financially and materially and do whatever pleases you however you will one time stand before your Creator and be rewarded accordingly.

Never forget this day, because it must come no matter how long it takes.
Do you ever get time and think about God and everything you have done in this world?
The day of judgement will come, forget this not!!

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